The people in Nepal who are living under the line of poverty, has to keep themselves out of the basic need of life such as shelter, education and general medical treatments. Most of the people from poor family are labour, working in someone’s farm, construction site or somewhere else, the toughest job. Generally these families have great number of family members followed by yearly born children and their children are also forced to work more hours a day then their age, since the income of parent can’t afford lodging and food for the entire family members. Those children living/working with their parent have to keep themselves out of school. Not only family matters or poverty but also many circumstances that keeps children out of school. Somewhere there is no school nearby and somewhere their parents don't want them to go to school as the traditional rural Nepalese community who still thinks that the school education don't let them have enough instantly what they want - the daily bread whereas if they work on someone’s farm they will have it by the evening.

Open Activiities

A country can never stand at the first row in the race of development, unless and until it has an educated people from the community. Realizing this fact and keeping it on mind, OPEN have got a hands with some of our international Friends who have been supporting Vakulenko Dmytro (Ukrain), Muxima Onlus (Italy), Ms Kwie-Hoa Siem (USA), Mr Andrea Fogarini (Italy), Ms Eva (Sweden), Ms Anna (Sweden), Mr Paul and Pamela Ms (USA), Mr Gabor Kovacs (Sweden), Maja and Gutsav (Sweden), Dr Stein Mattsson (Sweden) (Late),  Wennerström Ljuskontroll AB (Sweden), Richard Mortimer Mr, (UK), Mary Needham Mrs (Late) (Canada) and Erik Lee (USA)  in order help these unprivileged children from the rural community, making them able to go to school. The basic aim of this programme is to provide necessary support to the children from the poor family of rural community for their school education. The Education program aims to increase equitable participation of children in primary, lower secondary and secondary education providing them scholarship. The talent and helpless children currently studying in local government school will also get benefited thorough out this programme.

Till now  we have been able to offer complete scholarship to the children as follows. These children have been supported by different people from Sweden and they are providing food, education, and dress to the children.

Children whom we have supported and are supporting

Swastika Bhujel Soniya Gyawali Mina Kumari Pokhrel
Swastika  Bhujel Soniya Gyawali (Handicap Girl) Mina Kumari Pokhrel
Sovit Bista Kopila KC Bedu Kumari Pokhrel
Sovit Bista Kopila KC Bedu Kumari Pokhrel
Prakash Pokhral Mohan Godar Bimala Regmi
Prakash Pokhral Mohan Godar Bimala Regmi
Amit KC Photo Later Photo Later
Amit KC Prapti Ghimire Bishu Ram Panday

Donated by Mr./Mrs. Maja and Guthav

Soniya Gyawali Asmita K. C. Lial Pokhrel
Soniya Gyawali. (Handicap Girl) Asmita KC Lila Dhar Pokhrel
Suraj Karki Ravi Chaudhari Suraj Rana
Suraj Karki Ravi Chaudhari Suraj Rana
Sita Khadka Saraswoti Poudel Suchana Karki
Sita Khadka Saraswati Poudel Suchana Karki
Saraswoti Poudel    
Saraswoti Poudel Manisha Gurung  

Besides providing complete scholarship to these children we have been conducting extra activities like we are starting Medical centre in a school where School Children as well as the villagers benefit from the Medical Centre.

Medical Center

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