Aim & Objectives of the Organization (OPEN)

We believe on “Don't let them climb the tree  but teach them how to climb the tree” so education is the main priority of  OPEN and we are working for the education and awareness among the people in the rural area providing them education and vocational training. OPEN has already conducts different educational programs to make people aware about the various social, ecological, educational and health factor which help to eradicate the social problems.

Aim & Objectives

The major objective of  OPEN is to provide education to the unprivileged children and help them to build up their bright future. Since agriculture is the main source of income generation and living base of the rural Nepalese, so one of the OPEN’s ambitions is to provide the agricultural training and run different agricultural programs targeting to the prospective farmers.

To get into the goal of aim and objective of the organization OPEN will always encourage the people to wisely use locally available resources, which help to develop the economy of the local people and make them sustainable.

Primary Goals

Child Education: As we know today’s children are the future of Nation and if they are not well educated, the country never can stand alone on the first row of development, thus our primary target is child education, specially from the hill regions and remote areas who really needs support for their education.  

We mean to raise awareness among the unprivileged people both from rural and urban areas through out formal and informal education as well as vocational trainings.

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