OPEN - I wish if I were in school

I wish if I were in schoolA research indicates that, the ignorance of and failure to correct utilization of locally available resources by the people is directly responsible for slow rate of development in the developing countries, which is also the main cause of increasing poverty in the countries like Nepal. Children living in poverty will not only have physical disturbance but also have to tolerate physiological problems. As saying demands ‘when poverty in, love and happiness fly out of windows’, where love and peace does not exist life will encounter so many vex.

The under-5 year’s child mortality rate in Nepal exceeded 1 in 10 in 1996. 48% of the children suffer from malnutrition and nearly 10,000 young children die every year from preventable or easily treatable diseases; immunization coverage is estimated at 43%. These facts indicate that food and health services are desperately required on humanitarian grounds alone.

Education and awareness is the main factor to recognize the pragmatic approach of the society whilst increasing the rate of development but Nepal has a very low literacy status with only 40% of whole people being literate. The literacy rate for male is 55% and 25% is for female respectively. Although the government of Nepal has declared compulsory free education in the primary level, still 60% of the children are unable to go to school. As a result there is still implementation of the above declaration is not all satisfactory and fail to implement.

From our research we found that even though there is high percentage of 80% registration in schools from the age group of 6-10, above 70% drop the schools. This is due to the parents’ ignorance and illiteracy, child marriage, poverty where children has to look after household works, conservative society etc.

Keeping in view of the consideration we found out that a huge homework should be done to educate them. We have to start right from the bottom level, only policy development won’t be effective. We have to spread the messages right from the grassroots level.

Also we welcome the experts from all over the world to come forward and place your valuable advices how we can uplift these children and make them better people in the society. We know it’s not possible without the help of generous individuals, institutions and organization to tackle this ambitious project. Hence, we are looking aspirants, generous and spirit individuals, organizations and institution to join in hand with us to carry out this ambitious project.

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