What is OPEN?
OPEN is a non-profit organization formed by the local People.

Where it is registered?
It is officially registered by in the office of Company Resister and affiliated with Ministry of Social Welfare Council.

What are the objectives of the organization?
The main objectives of the organization are community development through education, awareness programs, mentoring and most importantly local need based. Please refer to website for more details.

How do you financially run your organization?
We are group of People motivated people joining hand to build our community voluntarily, as all of your members are volunteers. We all are working on our own in different profession and we are give our time for the organization free. But we have few individuals and NGOs who are supporting us financially which we directly spend in the local development.

How do I participate in your organization?
Any individuals, institutions, organizations can participate in our organization. We have different category in which anyone can participate to help to build the community. Volunteers can give and share their knowledge to us. Individuals can donate us directly and organization can donate or provide other help. Support link follow.

I am interested to volunteer in your organization how?
We have the whole information in our volunteering page. Please refer.

I would like to personally donate some amount for the organization how?
Please look in your link follow

What if our organization would like to affiliate with OPEN?
We welcome any international organizations to affiliate, share and work together by directly contacting us through phone or email. 

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