Future Plan

Children Center + Child (Female) Education

It’s pity that many of children do not have anyone to look after them at the very beginning of their life. They even don’t know who their parents are. These children are known as street children whose golden episode of life (childhood) is about to fly running after the pile of garbage or working some tea house as a ‘Kanchha – the dish washer’. Some of them might be found taking refuse to their relatives but living under vary scary environment paying them his/her physical labor as a revenge of the refuse.

We are planning to build a center for children in the quite and clean environment of village where few of needy and helpless children can get education, accommodation and homely atmosphere.

As a part of our children scholarship Programme, we are planning to provide more scholarship opportunity to the children from various part of Nepal. We are thinking to provide complete education with care. No matter, whether they are living with their parent or in our children center, we mean to deliver the light of education to them.

Brilliant, Poor, Students and Scholarship

To increase the understanding level and general knowledge among the students OPEN is planning to undertake inter school/college debate and quiz competition. We believe this sort of programme will defiantly help students to keep themselves up to date about current happening being familiar with the outer world. We also have a project to give Scholorship for the brilliant and poor students.

This programme will also help student to increase there extra knowledge making them active, forward and intelligent.

Health and socio-environment awareness

People in rural areas of Nepal have no awareness of HIV/Aids, family planning and safe motherhood. That’s why they have a lot of children born close after each other. Most women deliver their first baby at very young age. That is why we think giving education or raising awareness among all villagers and community people has to have high priority. Also OPEN has a plan to start small medical centre in the villages.

So if you are interested to contribute fund pls contact us at: adventuretreksnepal@gmail.com

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