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A country never can flourish and move towards the social changes which leads to the development unless and until the people living in the country are not well educated. Only the country which has well educated people can stand in the first row of development. At the context of developing country like Nepal, it is a true fact that the effort made by both government and non government sectors at present are not being sufficient enough to response the growing demand of education sector in Nepal. In order to make some changes on the educational sector of Nepal whilst trying to meet its demands, several visionary founders are being involved throughout the government and non government institutions.

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Ellinor's Experience

Ellinor's Experiences

Ellinor's ExperienceVilken dag. Jag känner en sådan tacksamhet över att få uppleva allt detta. En liten bit av mig stannar i det här landet och hos dess människor. En liten bit av dem tar jag med mig hem. Så’n glädje, så’n vänlighet och så’n generositet. Tidigt i gryningen kommer Gyan och chauffören Eka i Mercedesen. Vi åker till Lakeside och äter frukost på Bella Napoli. Se’n drar vi. Söderut.


I wish if I were in school

I wish if I were in schoolA research indicates that, the ignorance of and failure to correct utilization of locally available resources by the people is directly responsible for slow rate of development in the developing countries, which is also the main cause of increasing poverty in the countries like Nepal. Children living in poverty will not only have physical disturbance but also have...


Volunteering with OPEN

Volunteering with OPENAfter long research, feedback and advices from binding under main objectives and vision of the organization, OPEN has developed a volunteering program known as OPEN Volunteer Programme (OVP) for national and international intellect volunteers who are self motivated and eager to devote their time to social work in Nepal.


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"We guarantee that 100% of your donation goes to children education OPEN does not take overhead cost."

Ayusha KC

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