School Infrastructure Support

Supporting for School Infrastructure

Nepal is currently experiencing a long school infrastructure backlog. Almost a decade into democracy we still have kids studying under trees and mud schools. These learning conditions do not only pose health risks to our learners but also further make it impossible (literally) for our rural learners to excel academically. Rural youth’s inability to excel academically leaves them unemployed and unemployable, a reality that reinforces the cycle of poverty and marginalisation.

Open Foundation Nepal aims to join hands with the government, private sector, NGOs and parents to empower rural communities in addressing the school infrastructure backlog by constructing safer Classrooms, Computer labs, Science Labs and installing quality broadcast learning infrastructure. Open further aims to partner with relevant Stakeholders to introduce Renewable Energy Solutions to rural schools with no electricity.

Average School Build Cost
US$ 1,500 Kindergarten.
US$ 3,000 Washroom.
US$ 5,000 Classroom.
US$ 20,000 School Block.

Project Keywords

  • Nepal Earthquake Relief
  • Nepal Children Education
  • School Meal for Children
  • Gril Educaiton in Nepal
  • School Aid Programme
  • Helping a Child
  • Scholarship for Kids

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