Family Trips in Nepal

Family Trips in Nepal

When people think about Nepal, things that come in their mind includes adventures in nature like trekking, mountaineering, rafting, etc. Some of the activities in Nepal might not be suitable for people travelling with kids or old people. However, there are plenty of places in Nepal that can be reached by people of all age with minimum effort to witness some extraordinary scenery. There used to be times when people with small kids didn't want to travel Nepal but things are changing these days and even small Children are trekking in the mountains. There are plenty of places which is easily reached by children too like Ghorepani, Poonhill, Dhampus, Panchase and many more.

Our family trekking Packages allows you to experience both cultural diversity and natural beauty of Nepal. This type of trekking adventures also allows you to strengthen your bonding and help your children in self discovery. While organizing Family Trips we always try to avoid extreme natural conditions and take you to the places which are always suitable to spend some time with your family and learn something from the local people. We are also very concern about the safety of each and every member of the family so we would always recommend you the best place to travel according to the age of the members.

NOTE: If our planned family trekking packages does not meet your requirements, we can change the program according to your need and wish. We can also suggest you some other trekking destinations that can be done with family.

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