Flight Delays and Cancellation

Flight Delay & Cancellation


As Nepal being geographically diverse and with climatic variation, Cancellation of Domestic flights are quite common in Nepal. As the Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal doesn’t have the technology of Instrumental Landing System, the adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, thick fog, strong winds, etc. may lead to flight delays and cancellation.

Flight cancellation during autumn and spring season is very rare as the weather is normally clear and dry. However, we can never predict the Mountain weather. During Monsoon and winter season the weather is unpredictable as heavy rain and thick fog will affect the visibility which can lead to flight delays and cancellation.

If our clients are Interested in Trekking in Nepal we always suggest them to have few extra days which might be very useful in case of any flight cancellations. Especially if you are travelling to Everest Region and Jomsom Region it is highly recommended to have extra days as the weather in these airports is quite unpredictable.

(Note: Travel Insurance is highly recommended. In case of flight cancellation, if you are in short of time and are unable to catch your scheduled flight back in Kathmandu, Adventure Treks Nepal can charter a helicopter at your service. However, the cost should be borne by you who can later be claimed through insurance company.)