River Rafting

River Rafting

Nepal has many different ranging graded rivers for white water paddlers as many as Himalayan ranges for trekkers. River running is virtually as old as civilization itself but Rafting and Kayaking as recreational activities are relatively new in Nepal. A river journey in an exotic country like Nepal makes traveler's journey unique and unforgettable. This recreational activity gives visitors extra ordinary way of discovery it's civilization, rural areas, cultural, flora and fauna by floating on rubber boat on the river and coming into contact with village people the conventional traveler hardly ever get to meet.

Pleasure of River running is complemented. A river trip is often an adventure but not always. An amateur with a little sense of adventure can equally enjoy it. A river trip also provides an opportunity for geological surveys and fishing. You are provided with whitewater life-vest to put on all the time while on the river. You are also provided with a helmet. A trained professional river guide heads the rafting team, drifting easily oftentimes paddling away in a frenzy whooping and screaming with waves crashing in through powerful, fast flowing rapids. Even the stability, sturdiness and buoyancy of Modern self-bailing rafts enable to safety challenge on these exiting rivers.

Bhote Koshi River
Drawing amazing and mystifying power from high in Bhot ( Tibet ) the river Bhote Koshi, tumbles into Nepal through breathtaking valleys. Glacier water from the 10th Highest Mountain Shisa Pangma, carve a steep and direct drop at the top that gradually eases to more placid streams and the calmer pool within a 46-km run at the Lamosunga dam. The rapids here are a solid class IV- V at high flow, and a more classic III at lower levels.

Continuous, challenging and action-packed, the Bhote Kosi offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime. If you have never rafted before and if you have limited time but desire an adrenaline overload, then this is an ideal introductory trip package for you. A stupendous setting, thrilling drops, gorges and limestone formations, welcome you into another dimension, where your instinct becomes your driving force, and your body your best ally. Both experienced and novice paddlers will agree this, is the Adventure Experience.

The perfect compliment to any trip to Nepal or on the road to Tibet can be an extended stay at the multifaceted Borderland Resort. Activities and facilities include: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, a trip to the Tibet border, relaxation on the grassy lawn, cool drinks in the Arniko Bar, a tour through a Nepali handmade paper factory, leadership training programs, live music, wholesome food, great folks and much more.

Distance: 95 Kms.
Day 01 Morning: Drive from Kathmandu to river, then lunch Afternoon: Rafting for 3 hours and over night
Day 02 Morning: Breakfast and 3 hours rafting Afternoon: Lunch, 3 hours rafting and drive to Kathmandu.

Kali Gandaki River
Named after the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali, the river rises in Mustang, on the northern side of the Himalayan range. As it tumbles down between the majestic Daulagiri and the Annapurna ranges, it creates one of the world's deepest river canyons. The recent damming of the lower portion of this river, has left us with one of Nepal's premier medium length river journeys; combining great whitewater with some of the most beautiful scenery in Nepal, seldom-visited villages, truly quiet and introspective evenings, abundant wildlife, sandy beaches and outrageously beautiful waterfalls.

The rapids on the Kali Gandaki are much more technical and continuous keeping paddlers busy all day. Both experienced and novice rafters love this. Nowhere else is it possible to find such diversity on a 3 day raft trip. Nice drops, sparkling chutes and turbulent rapids provide class III to IV+ runs during the fall and spring seasons. This ancient trading route from Tibet takes you through the deepest river gorge in the world. Watch for the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain Ranges (the popular trekking route) and have your camera ready!

Distance: 43 Kms (Approx)
Day 01: Drive from Pokhara to Baglung Pul, lunch and rafting
Day 02: Rafting
Day 03 Rafting and drive to Pokhara.

Seti River
The seti is an excellent 2 days trip in an isolated area, where beautiful jungle, plenty of easy rapids and fantastic Himalayan scenery. The river is an excellent for beginners, intermediate, learner and family trip. The trip starts at Damauli about 6 hours drive from Kathmandu or 1.5 hours drive from Pokhara. The take out, many choose to incorporate a ride down the Trisuli with either a trip to Pokhara or to Royal Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari tours.

Day 01: Drive to Damuli from Pokhara and rafting for 3 hours and over night.
Day 02: Rafting for 3 hours and drive to Kathmandu or Pokhara.
Sun Koshi River

Sun Koshi is second offering for expedition rafting. With a put in point only three hours from Kathmandu, it is more easily accessible then other river. Nevertheless, it offers an incredible stretch of exhilarating white water. The run is 270 km. And require 8-10 days to complete with road access only at the beginning and end.

The warm water of Sun Koshi, there are dozens of adrenaline pumping big torrents and miles of calm water to replicate on this beautiful area with surroundings. There is not any road and town between starting and ending point. The classic monsoon madness high water Sun Koshi-we only run Sun Koshi in the fall and summer when high flows makes it a classic river, an outstanding trip for intermediate and advanced Kayaker.

Sun Koshi means "River of gold" perhaps named after the gold, that is found from the river gravel or alternatively it refers to the orange color of the water in the monsoon when it is thick with flood.

Distance: 270 Km
Day 01: Drive to Dolalghat and raft.
Day 02-07: Rafting and exploring the sunkoshi
Day 08: Rafting to takeout point at Chatara and drive back to Kathmandu.

Trishuli River
Trisuli is one the most popular, if not the favorite, of Nepal's raft able rivers. Due to its proximity to Kathmandu and the easy road access which accompanies it. For first time rafter and family with child and old people rafter, if offers plenty of excitement. Many choose to incorporate a ride down the Trisuli with either a trip to Pokhara or to Royal Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari tours.

A river is most popular with remarkable gorges, some exhilarating rapids some easier sections and easily accessible from Kathmandu. Recommended for intermediate rafter and those who have limited time and would like to have a family trip.

Day 01: Drive to Charaudi from Kathmandu/Pokhara and rafting for 3 hours and over night.
Day 02: Rafting for 3 hours and drive to Kathmandu/Pokhara/Chitwan National Park.