Our Way

Our Way

life is the people we meet and lives we touch
your desires have no boundaries, neither do your options

The way of Adventure Treks Nepal.

We do things differently. Let us show you how:


Phase 1 - Consultation
You don’t need to know where you want to go or what to do when you’re there. talk to us over the phone +977-98510-65354 or write a mail to us or visit our office (Location map) for some inspiration, we love to listen to what makes your perfect trip.


Phase 2 - Design
Looking for an exciting trip that fits your vacation schedule or one that fits your mood? We will discuss your requirements and come up with solutions you can choose from. Then we will tweak the trip some more until it is perfect for you.


Phase 3 - Pre-Departure Preparation
You probably have 1,001 questions on what to expect and how to prepare for your trip of a lifetime. We care and are available to provide as much expert advice and assistance as you require before the journey begins from providing the necessary equipment needed to laying out a tailored-training program to get you in shape.


Phase 4 - The Journey Itself
Choose from our company on the trip or being completely catered for by the friendliest and most charming people we know around the world. Friends and family are a phone call away via satellite phone even in the most remote of locations.


Phase 5 - You’ve been Adventure's !
You have now been initiated the Adventure's way. To celebrate, we will personally deliver a memento from the trip to your home on arrival, teleporting you back to that magical experience and ease you back into the real world.