Private Tours in Nepal

Private Tours in Nepal

 Private Tours

Traveling to Nepal is truly the adventure of a lifetime. A day's travel can bring you from the steamy plains of South Asia to the foothills of the Himalayas, the world's most spectacular mountain range. And not only can you see the mountains - you can trek along ancient footpaths that wind into their very heart.

And when you step away from Nepal's natural attractions, there are the incredible towns and cities to explore: the rich Kathmandu Valley is home to the fascinating capital of Kathmandu; the quiet cobbled streets of ancient Bhaktapur; and Patan, with its bevy of temples and World Heritage-listed architectural sites.

You can have a guide and plan your own private trip. We can provide you with a detailed travel plan and multi-day tours, or you can take the more interactive route a private tour with one of the humble local guide. Personal experiences like these can range from taking you on hiking tour around the Kathmandu valley, or showing you around the most beautiful Buddhist and Hindu temples and being a personal source of information to which you can direct all your questions. They can be a few hour tours of a cultural heritage site, or one of the more engaged private guides will even take you on a motorcycle tour through their region for multiple days.

A private Nepal tour will give you insight into the past and present of Nepalese culture. Your guide is a local who knows his homeland as only locals do; he or she is eager to take you off the well-trod tourist trail and help you gain a true understanding of the splendid country of Nepal.


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