Restricted Area Trekking

Restricted Area Trekking

While Nepal was ruled completely by the Shah Dynasty, many areas of Nepal were beyond the reach of foreign travelers. After the introduction of multiparty democratic constitution the remote areas are opened for tourists from all over the globe since 1991. However, tourists require special permits from Nepal Government inured to trek in these areas which are provided by the local travel agency licensed by the Government of Nepal. Trekking alone in restricted area is also strictly prohibited and hence two or more than two people should be in a group to be able to trek in this region. These prohibited region lie behind the Himalayas in the rain Shadow. The areas which are restricted are “Paradise on Earth” due to the numerous natural beauty, hidden valleys, people and their unique culture and custom. Mustang Trekking 18 Days, Manaslu Trekking 18 Days, Tsum Valley Trekking 18 Days,  Nar Phu Trekking 21 Days, Dhaulagiri Trekking 21 Days

Trekking in restricted areas is extremely challenging and you may need assistance because of which travelling with a authorized trekking guide is a must. The regulation is designed primarily to protect the environment and culture of the remote regions and provide the security and safely for both foreign trekkers and Nepal's northern border with China.

We "Adventure Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd." arrange treks to all the restricted areas of Nepal and meet all the requirements made by our clients. This is one of the trekking agencies that hold the licensed to operate treks in all parts of Nepal offering you best experience in the Himalayas through our highly experienced and friendly staffs and Guide.

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