Mr. Mattis Tornelsson & Ms. Jenny Birgitta Jaanson
(Ghorepani Punhill Trekking Nov 2006 from Sweden).

Comments: In last october we have spend 2 weeks in Nepal doing trekking in Annapurna Region with the crew of Adventure Treks Nepal. They have demonstrated an extreme professionality. Excellent comfort Lodge with very good food. We always recommend them and wish you a happy trek !!!

Mortimer Richard
Mr. Mortimer Richard

(Ghorepani Poon hill + Tibet Everest Base Camp April 2006 From Uk.)

Comments: " What a Excellent Trip." Thanks Adventure Treks Nepal.

Ms. Maja Larsson & Mr. Gustav Cederlund
(Everest Base Camp + Chitawan National Park March 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: We would like to give special Thanks to Mr Karki. Managing Director of Adventure Treks Nepal, who organized our Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Romany Page
Ms. Romany Page

(Annapurna Circuit + Bhutan Tour +Tibet Tour April 2006 From UK)

Comments: "I Have no idea how wonderful time while I was here !!! "

Mr. Bernhart Heck & Ms. Ulrike Heck
(EBC / Gokyo & Chola Pass march 2006 From Germany)

Mr. Bernhart Heck & Ms. Ulrike Heck
Andreas-Hofer-Weg 7, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany


Sehr geehrter Herr Karki,

für die Planung und Durchführung unserer 22 tägigen Trekking Tour vom March 22 bis zum 14 April May 2006 um das Gokyo/Everest Base Camp Via Chola Pass Massiv durch Ihre Agentur, bedanken wir uns sehr herzlich.

Bereits nach unserer ersten Anfrage fiel uns die Professionalität der Bearbeitung unserer doch recht individuellen Reisewünsche auf. Wir wurden nicht enttäuscht. Ein ausgezeichnet ausgearbeiteter Trekking Plan, ein zuvorkommender Führer und ein zuverlässiger Träger ließen die Tour zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis werden. Wir fühlten uns von Ihnen und Ihrem Team von unserer Ankunft bis zu unserer Abreise in Kathmandu bestens betreut.

Jedem Nepal Reisenden können wir mit gutem Gewissen Ihre Agentur empfehlen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen persönlich und Ihrem Unternehmen Adventure Treks Nepal (P). Ltd. für die Zukunft alles Gute.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ulrike und Bernhard Heck

Eric Lee Mr.
(Everest Base Camp April 2006 USA)

Comments: "I Will definetly come back for Annapurna Circuit Trek"

Mr. Schul Michiel Francois David
(Culture Tour +Tibet Everest Base Camp July 2006 from Holland.)

Comments: Wonderful time in Nepal. Thanks Adventure Treks Nepal.

Mr. Harald Melling

Harald Melling

(Everest Base Camp Jan 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: "It was a Life time an experience trip"

Mr. Per Anders Sandelius & Mr. Gustaf Joakim Askegard
Per Anders Sandelius Mr & Gustaf Joakim Askegard Mr.
(Everest Base Camp,Rafting & Culture tour May 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: "Wonderful time in Nepal"

Mr. Friedrich Hack & Mrs. Gudrun Hack
(Gokyo Valley + Culture Tour April 2006 From Austria)
Mr. Friedrich Hack & Mrs. Gudrun Hack
Comments: The entire trip was fantastic It was a memorable experience and we shall never forget.

Ms. Kamphaus Natalie, Ms. Godwin Mariana Carolire & Mr. John D. Stubbs
Kamphaus Natalie MS
(Markha Valley Trek India May 2006 From USA)

Comments: We can recommend Gyan karki and his Firm highly. They are very reliable and give an individual and personal service. We felt they were very concerns about giving us a pleasant holiday. They are skilful and experienced, We will use this firm next time going back.

Andersson Stuse Jan Erik Mr, Gullsved Lars Stefan Rasmus Mr, Nilsson Johana Malon Ms, Borneland Kjell Ingemar Mr, Hoijer Kerstin Bettina Ms, Johana, Ms Parnilla & Page Romany Ms (UK)
Andersson Stuse Jan Erik Mr, Gullsved Lars Stefan Rasmus Mr
(Nepal + Tibet Tour May 2006 From Sweden and UK)

Comments: Dear Adventure Treks Nepal,

Thank you all for making our Nepal & Tibet trip with a lovely experience. Everyone was so friendly, courteous, helpful and professional. The care & attention given to us very nicely.

From the moment we arrived in Kathmandu to the minute we left Kathmandu at the end of our trip, we were extremely well looked after and would highly recommend Adventure Treks Nepal to anyone considering visiting Nepal.

Weissenborn Laura Yeshey Ms & Dr. Jens Rabbels
(Tibet Everest Base Camp April 2006 From Germany)

Comments: Thank you so much for all the good attention and care of the agency in arranging the trip. The guide was so helpful and all the prompt response to our emails was most excellent. We had a wonderful time.

Pathmanathan Kantiia Mr, Pathmanathan Aum Sivasakthy Ms, Goodur Amanata Ms & Siva Kumar Trishen Mr.
(Kailash Tibet Tour July 2006 from UK)

Comments: We hope the information reached you that we had a spectacular time whilst in Nepal and Tibet. Thank you for the effort to provide us with the great service and catering we received.

Regarding feedback: We are an easy customer, so we have not much to report. Gyanendra is an excellent guide and companion, and although it's difficult to compare him to the first Gyanendra that accompanied us for the trip.

Siem Kwie Hoa Ms.
(Mt. Kailas june 2006 from USA)

Comments: My friends, I do not know how to thank you enough for a great time in Nepal & Tibet. You have fantastic team.

Camilla Kirvesniemi Ms.
Romany Page
(Annapurna Base Camp + Chitwan Dec 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: Thank you very much for taking such good care of us in Annapurna.

Charoendee Matinee Ms, Sawasdee Sasiwipa Ms, Sawasdee Sasivimol Ms. & Charoeendee Matee Mr.
Charoendee Matinee Ms, Sawasdee Sasiwipa Ms, Sawasdee Sasivimol Ms. 04 pax.
(Annapurna Base Camp, Dec 2006 From Thailand)

Comments: Everyone at Adventure Treks Nepal was very helpful in putting together the trip and our guide was very accommodating. The entire trip was a refreshing break from the ordinary, in which it seemed anything shy of the weather could be fixed at the drop of the hat. The scenery was unlike anything we have ever seen and we look forward to my next trip in Nepal.

Specially Thanks for Helicopter Rescue.

Pedaetti Benedeta Ms, Scolani Alessanndro Mr
Pedaetti Benedeta Ms., Scolani Alessanndro Mr.
(Annapurna Base Camp, Dec 2006 From Italy)
Comments: We totally enjoyed our Annapurna Sanctuary trek and the high level of service you offered. We also want to say that Tek was a fantastic guide who helped us many times during the trek and was excellent company.
Adventure Treks Nepal also helped us with travel logistics and complications on the ground.

We'r looking forward to another trek with you year.

Joonsson Lisbeth Mari Ms. & Kovacs Gabor Gyoezoe Mr.
Joonsson Lisbeth Mari Ms & Kovacs Gabor Gyoezoe Mr.
(Nepal + Everest Base Camp Tibet August 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: Haha Wonder full time in the Nepal & Tibet Himalaya.

Vogler Joern Mark Mr. & De Francesco Grazia Ms.
(Tibet Everest Base Camp 19 October from Germany & Italy)

Comments: Thank you so much for the Tibet Everest Base Camp tour. It was an unforgetable experience and your company made it very enjoyable for me. Our guidse were fantastic and everything went smoothly. Everest Base Camp was absolutly amazing. We camped near the base camp for the night and met some great people.

Thank you again for giving me this amazing journey.

Hans Gregar Thalan Mr & Evy Christina Thalen Mrs cl
Hans Gregar Thalan Mr. & Evy Christina Thalen Mrs.

(Culture Tour June 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: We really enjoied out time in Nepal.

Pedretti Benedetta Ms & Scolari Alessandro Mr.
 Pedretti Benedetta Ms &  Scolari Alessandro Mr.

(Annapurna Circuit November 2006 From Italy)

Comments: Hi Everybody, Adventure Treks Nepal provided us with the once in a life time opportunity. Coming from Italy to Nepal was a real eye opener for me as I have never traveled internationally before. I enjoyed top guides and stunning scenery, giving me friends and memories we will never forget in our life.

I suggest to any one wondering to chase their dreams that Adventure Treks Nepal won't disappoint.

Brugnola Nicola Susan Ms & Fletcher Nicolas Charles Mr.
Brugnola Nicola Susan Ms. &  Fletcher Nicolas Charles Mr.
(Annapurna Base Camp + India Tour November 2006 From UK)

Comments: We really enjoyed our Annapurna Base Camp NAd India Tour with Adventure Treks Nepal.

Johana Josefina Finnstroem Ms.
Johana Josefina Finnstroem Ms.

(Culture Tour + Rafting, Paragliding,Chitwan October 2006 From Sweden)

Comments: Thank you Gyan, for operating our trip to Pokhara and Chitwen Trip. All went very well and we had a wonderful time that we will never forget. Thanks to ATN we have memories in our mind that will live with us forever and we are so happy for that and the service provided by you and your team at ATN.
Thanks a lot and much love,

Edward Sauter Mr.
(Everest Base Camp October 2006 From USA)

Comment: Thank you so much for your time and effort to make our short vacation wonderful,

Clayton giles Richard Mr, Clayton Susan Carol Mrs, David Morton Mr. & S.M.Morton Mrs.
Clayton giles Richard Mr, Clayton Susan Carol Mrs, David Morton Mr.
(Annapurna Base Camp October 2006 From UK.)

Comment: Thank you so much for your time and effort to make our short vacation wonderful.

Valli Massimiliano Mr, Limb Kay Ms & Adam Smith Benedict Mr.
Valli Massimiliano Mr,  Limb Kay Ms &  Adam Smith Benedict Mr. 03 pax.
(Annapurna Base Camp-Camping Trek, October 2006 Italy + UK)

Comment: "One of the toughest things about booking online is knowing whether what you see on the website is actually going to exist when you get there. Parting with your money can therefore be nerve-racking, but I can assure you that this company is a well-established one, run by excellent staff. My girlfriend and I went on a two-week camping trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal and were pleasantly surprised to have new equipment, enough food to feed the five thousand, good-humoured porters who were not going to abandon us when the weather got nasty, and a guide who clearly knew the area with which he was dealing. Gyan, the boss in Kathmandu, is instrumental to this service and we found ourserves relying on his know-how even after our trek as he's readily available on email and Messenger! He will always give you a straight answer too, which I believe is best. Anyway, if you want to get in touch with me with any questions, feel free.

Nicklas Wickstorm & Mr., Fredrik Wickstrm Mr.
Nicklas Wickstorm & Mr., Fredrik Wickstrm Mr.
(Tyangboche Trek / Bungy Jump October 2006 From Sweden).

Comment: We have had a very good time in our trekking, and thank you very much for looking after when I was worried in Bungy Jump.

Mr. Haekan Formark, Ms Monica Mildh, Mr Carl Erlandsson, Mrs Anna Nilsson, Ms Elin Erlandsson, Ms Emma Erlandsson, Mr Roland Karlsson, Mrs Ingrid Andersson, Mrs Larsson Eva Maertha, Ms Inger Vesterhav, Ms Mrs Charlotte Askegard, Ms Camila Kirvesniemi, Johana, Mr Kjell Borneland & Tina Hoijer.
Mr. Haekan Formark, Ms Monica Mildh
(Rafting, Chitwen National Park & Cultural Tours)

Comments: We are a group of 17 pax who tried to book our trip through the internet, we have found Adventure Treks Nepal on the website, we sent many e-mails to its Managing Director Gyan Karki and we were very interested with his helps. So we booked nearly one year in advance sending off our deposit. We do not regret a minute of it everything Gyan said he would do he did it very professionally and pleasantly. We did 15 days trip Included Rafting, Wildlife safari & Culture Tours. So we can recomend this firm without hesitation.

Johana, Ricard Larsson, Rebecca, jenifer & Kjell Borneland
Johana, Ricard Larsson, Rebecca, jenifer & Kjell Borneland.
(Rafting,Wildlife safari, Culture Tours & Bungy Jump"

Comments: " Everything is perfect accept Bungy jump a little bit scary"

Monica & Maya
Monica & Maya
(Jomsom Muktinath Trekking)

Commnets: "Wonderful time with excellent services"

Ingela & Sten

ingela and sten