Traveling to Sikkim during the festivals

Traveling to Sikkim

Travelling to Sikkim

Traveling to Sikkim during the festivals

Sikkim is a north-eastern state with a mixture of individuals so you'll witness a bundle of fairs and festivals. This best place is close to the Himalayas with the variety of culture and picturesque view. Being a state with numerous communities, festivals of Sikkim celebrated with Glory. Sikkimese is true believers of spirituality; to save lots of their land from the evil spirits they follow some non-secular festivals. The Sikkim festivals celebrated with loads of elegance and show, and as per the Buddhist calendar. Here, you'll expertise the toy of colors, its distributed culture, and rich traditions in their array of festivals. Chaam, one of the most fascinating sorts of dance performed by the Lamas, that involves brilliantly colored masks and interesting musical instruments and takes place at the various monasteries across Sikkim whereas these festivals are on. Individuals, you'll witnesses a bundle of fairs and festivals each year.

Festivals in Sikkim which you must attain during Travel Sikkim

Losoong/Namsoong Festival
Losoong is one of the most vital festival of North East Indian state of Sikkim; also called Sonam Losar. It marks the start of the Sikkimese New Year and celebrated with great joy and fervor all across the region. The festival coincides with the end of the gathering season and provides for the much-needed time of amusement; and excitement for all the farmers who have worked hard throughout the year. Losoong doubtlessly makes a good retreat giving traveler an unmatched spectacle of ancient people dances, non-secular rituals ceremonies, and of course a lifespan chance to gorge on the delicious Sikkimese culinary art.

Duration of this festival:

Dates based on the Tibetan calendar and falls on the eighteenth day of the tenth lunar month. Typically on December and last for about four days.


• Marks the start of the Tibetan New Year.
• Archery competitions and therefore the delectable spread of authentic Sikkimese is part of the festival.
• Cham dances performed by Buddhist monks.


Jorethang Maghey Mela.

Jorethang Maghey Mela is well known with extreme grandeur at the picturesque hamlet of Jorethang once a year. A grand exhibit showcasing handicrafts and design of the native Sikkimese artisans is also a vital side of this Maghey Mela that aims at delivery the sensible craft of those skillful staff at a worldwide platform.

Duration of this festival:
On January fourteenth per annum and celebrated for three days.


• Still retains its old-world charm..
• A great website for interested to witness unparalleled spectacle of Hindu customs.


Sonam Lhochhar festival.

Sikkim is filled with Tamang community. Sonam Lhochhar is also referred to as Sonam Lhosar. It's the most vital and lavish festival of this culturally rich community. That marks the start of the Tibetan twelvemonth. It's celebrated with nice fanfare and also zeal each time.

Duration of this festival:
Falls on January-February (start of the spring) last for 2 weeks.


• Damphu Dance.
• Tamang people songs.


There are other festivals too which attracts the tourist to visit this place. Different festivals fall under different season and time. Other festivals are:

  • Losar Festival
  • Bumchu Festival
  • Dentam Rhododendron Festival
  • Ram Navami Festival
  • Lampokhari Paryatan Mahotsav
  • Sakewa Festival
  • Saga Dawa Festival
  • Drukpa Tsheshi Festival
  • Guru Rimpoche Trugkar Tshechu
  • Tihar
  • Sakela
  • Mangan music Festival

Thus, every festival has their own rituals, values, importance, and uniqueness. If you want to make your visit more memorable then check the list of festivals and check the day then take a tour. You will see the new and colorful Sikkim during the festival time.